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Update Date : 2018/4/30
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Title :  Gainward News Letter - July 30th, 2010
Date :  2010/7/29
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Gainward GeForce GTX465 GOOD - A New Episode of GTX 400 Trilogy
The Best Value DX11 Card in GF-100 Fermi Architecture


Taipei, May 31th, 2010

One night before Computex Taipei 2010, Gainward races to announces another new product inherited GF-100 Fermi architecture. Gainward GeForce GTX 465 GOOD Edition (Gainward Optimized Own Design). This new
model quenches desire of power-thirsty gamers looking for a good balance of powerful DX11 performance with more affordable price. Gainward again plays a hat-trick and scores another world 1st to launch own design GTX 465 right after another 2 goals of GTX 470 GOOD Edition and GTX 470 Golden Sample.

Gainward Optimized Own Design: GeForce GTX 465 1024MB GDDR5 GOOD Edition
Gainward proudly presents its new born baby
GeForce GTX 465 to the world. Inherit mighty
DNA as its triplet brothers GeForce GTX 480 and
GTX 470, the newest Gainward GeForce GTX
465 is a good value DirectX 11 GPU based on
GF-100 Fermi architecture packed with 352
CUDA cores clocked at 607MHz. It sports 1GB of
GDDR5 memory at 1,603 MHz in 256-bit memory
With 11 Tessellation units (32 CUDA cores in one unit) optimized in parallel architecture by GigaThread engine. It’s designed for full compliance of all Microsoft DirectX11 hardware features.The brand new architecture enables stunning image quality and superior gaming performance.Even better, it supports novel 3D Vision Surround at triple full HD 1920x1080 resolution in SLI.Gainward GTX 465 GOOD Edition designed in strict 2 slots dual fan cooler, fully supports 3 WaySLI without any interferences and ensures excellent cooling performance even for the sandwiched card. Threesome of Gainward GTX 465 in 3 Way SLI for 3D Vision Surround is awesome! The
immersive 3D stereoscopic gaming experiences could be dangerous. Once you get sucked into the warp, you’d be in trouble fighting against those post apocalyptic monsters in dark metro tunnel. You’ve been warned.
Gainward Signature Designs
Grand Prix Heatpipes Hybrid Cooler with 2GR8 Fans. It’s 2 COOL 2 be true!
Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes Hybrid Cooler, was designed in 6 mm copper-water heat-pipes on a copper base conducting heats away from GPU at highest efficiency, then dissipating onto aluminum heatsinks, which are forced ventilated with Great 8 cm double-ball-bearings Twin Fans (2GR8) Achieve highest cooling
performance at much lower temperatures under power saving mode and full load with much quieter operation noises than reference GTX 465
Threesome, awesome! Gainward GOOD design goes 3 Way
What can be more exciting for threesome of GTX 465 in 3 Way SLI run in 3D Vision Surround in 5760x1080 resolution! There are more than 400 games, which can be automatically converted into 3D by any 3D Vision supported GeForce cards. See it, play it, love it.
QuattroPorts, 4 Ports in 1 card
Gainward generously provide 4 Full HD ports (DisplayPort, HDMI & Dual Dual-Link DVIs) in one, fulfills universal connectivity to diverse displays. Dual View is supported with ease without bothering connector conversion.
Expertool, Best Graphics Tuning Utility in the industry
No any super fast graphics card is complete without a powerful tuning engine! Always tempted to go one step further and squeeze last drop of juice out of your already overclocked gaming rig. It’s a piece of cake, Gainward takes care of your power-hungry desires, gears you up with the best graphics tuning utility – Expertool, which enable clockrates and fans controls. Your babies are well protected by the safety net, the smart utility possesses fail-safe clock-down override, even a first-timer can exercise with peace of mind.

About Gainward

Gainward was founded in 1984 with a commitment to develop the most advanced graphics accelerators in the industry and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Received great reputation for manufacturing of leading edge products for the enthusiastic market. Gainward “Golden Sample” (GS) and “Golden Sample Goes Like Hell” (GS-GLH) are two signature synonyms for aggressive overclocked and extreme overclocked graphics cards in the gaming society. As one of the top graphics cards leading brands, Gainward continues to provide cutting edge products with excellent quality. Furthermore, Gainward brand name symbolizes our belief in gaining trusts and respects from our valued customers. With Headquarter based in Taipei, Taiwan, factory in Shenzhen, China and European Headquarter in Munich, Germany. Gainward is ambitious to address worldwide market and cooperates closely with its globally localized channel partners.

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