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Update Date : 2020/5/2
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Title : BI P45-T2RS
Mark : DFI
Model : P45
Degree : blood iron
Detail :
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  • DFI new technology “ABS” provides you a convenient way to optimize your own system.
  • Auto Boost System AP file
  • User manual of Auto Boost System
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 32Bits ; Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 64Bits

  • DFI main board has been served as the pronoun for highest efficiency with its top efficiency and efficiency contributing to the first choice for super frequency manufacturers. Besides the excellent performance, DFI main board boasts of the other two main properties including product stability and long lifespan. Many players pay more attention to the stability than super frequency performance. In order to satisfy the demand of "stability" from the customers, DFI specially puts Blood Iron series meaning strong as iron into market for providing more options to consumers besides super frequency. Comparing with the products at the same level of price, the new product of BI P45-T2RS still keeps [4-phase PWM] and [all-solid capacitor], which are the two critical properties relating to the stability. The competitive price does not mean low quality and bad material used. Other peripheral supports like 7.1 channels audio, Gigabit LAN and 6 SATA interface are also embedded. Except for the advantage of stability, BI P45-T2RS serves also as wise choice to step in the super frequency field. Although BI series does not intend to pursue super frequency, the quality of DFI super frequency is also revealed in the board. The excellent hardware circuit same as the DK series and diversified BIOS super frequency setup enable the users to freely step in the super frequency field with limited money. BI P45-T2RS also enjoys unique ABS design of DFI enabling to freely and rapidly improve the efficiency of the system, and BIOS setup can also be exchanged via network for stead enhancement of individual capacity. For stepping in the super frequency field, BI P45-T2RS is the best primary product; for stable performance, BI P45-T2RS is also the best choice at competitive price.
    Intel P45 with ICH10R
    Supports Intel Core 2 Duo / Quad / Extreme processors
    Supports CrossFire X
    4-Phase Digital PWM
    LANParty adopts solid capacitors for the best stability.
    Realtek ALC885 for 8CH HD Audio
    6 SATAII Ports with RAID Function
    Supports Intel SATAII with RAID 0/1/0+1/5 which intends to provide multiple H.D.D RAID function for enthusiastic users.
    Gigabit LAN
    Fluorescent Slot & Connectors
    We adopt fluorescent slots and connectors in all LANParty series. With installing UV light into PC case, LANParty motherboards become more stylish.
    Auto Boost System
    ABS is "two-step" over-clocking software. Simply install the software, reboot the computer, press to improve FSB frequency, and your CPU will be upgraded automatically! With ABS, you can enjoy the performance of the high-end CPU at the entry-level cost.
    Genie BIOS
    Genie BIOS is the best BIOS in the world. There are hundreds of setting of CPU, memory, FSB, multiple, and great voltage setting with the most intervals.
    CMOS Reloaded
    "CMOS Reloaded" helps you to backup or reload BIOS setting as text file under operation system. Wanna manage your OC records? Just try "CMOS Reloaded"
    2 PCIe x1, 2 PCI, 1 IDE
    12 USB 2.0 Ports
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